Supertuscan (Magnum bottle) – 1500 ml (50.70 oz)

The high quality SuperTuscan Magnificat, produced only when the harvest guarantees the top quality grapes. This wine has been produced since 1997, always in Magnum bottles.
Merlot and Sangiovese – aged separately in small casks and matured in big barrels for another year – scents and tastes give the maximum expression to this extraordinary aged wine.

Each bottle is adorned with a little branch piece of the Merlot vine that produces Magnificat, a vine that has a unique history.
Our farm has been producing wines for centuries, and it used to be a Church property, until 1875, when it was abandoned after its last owner, Abbot Sprugnoli, as we can read in his last records.
For almost 150 years the farm was completely abandoned, until Silvano came, around 30 years ago, to renovate everything and give the farm a new life.
The best part of the renovation was to find a very limited number of ancient Merlot vines that, thanks to skilful grafting, have become now the 4,500 Merlot vines that currently produce our wine.

This incredibile story of the vines continues in your own cellar: with each bottle of Magnificat, you will receive not only a beautiful wine with such a long history, but also a little branch of vines that are at least 170 years old.

The name Magnificat comes from a fascinating story concerning the special relationship between Abbot Sprugnoli and the Pope of the time… if you visit our farm, you will know the whole story.

Very special: the labels of the Magnums are all in 18kt gold designed on top with a special machine. If you need, a very few number of bottles are still available from very old, special vintages. Also, a few bottles of bigger sizes are available upon request. Contact us if you are interested.