Private wine tasting, in Tenuta Casanova, is a special moment to taste Silvano’s wines; SuperTuscan, Easy to Fall in Love and Chianti Classico, surrounded by beautiful and charmed Tuscan land.

Ideal for 2 or 3 people the tastings of wine and balsamic vinegars take place in a very exclusive fashion. After a detailed presentation in the cellars where the Super Tuscans and Dincanto are produced in a limited edition of 600/700 bottles each every year, these wines will have been aged for 5 years in small oak casks. Guests will also visit the nearby Acetaia, to learn about the making of Casanova’s unique aged Balsamic vinegars. Then the tasting begins.

We start by introducing Easy to fall in Love, made with rare white wild grapes with an incredible wild strawberry taste: it makes for a very delicate and special aperitivo or dessert wine.

NextAbate Sant’Agnese  our Chianti Classico is served with our Extra Virgin olive oil ( the best organic products in the farm) on a slice of our typical Tuscan bread.  This wine is characterized by very intriguing aromas, ideally combined with traditional home recipes.

Following our Chianti Classico, you will taste the elegant Riserva Casanova which is accompanied by a dish of warm chickpeas organically grown on the grounds of the estate.  On top of the chickpeas, you will enjoy a splash of our 10 year old Divinum Acre: this Balsamic vinegar is prepared in small barrels without adding colorants or caramel, and it ages for years and years until it acquires its distinctive aroma and delicate flavor.

Now it is time to delight in the Casanova truffles, which were found on the property’s 77 acres of land by trained bloodhounds.  Our Oil is prepared with eggs from our farm, and beautifully accompanied by a glass of Dincanto the estate’s two Super Tuscans – or Meditation wines, as they are familiarly defined.
A leap into the past leads to tasting Medioevum: this unique dessert wine is based on a XII century recipe found in 1855 by Abbot Sprugnoli during a renovation of the Casanova farmhouse. The special taste is obtained by the careful blend of five different spices and two honeys, creating an inimitable flavor.
The tasting ends with two scoops of vanilla ice-cream with a few drops of one of three decades old vinegars: Divinum Acre or Melagre, the latter being prepared with honey and apples. We do not sell our wines commercially; they cannot be found in supermarkets, shops or restaurants. We sell only privately, and ship all over the world.

Our Products

All products that you can tasting during the Wine Tasting in Tuscany and on our cooking class

All our wines following a manual selection of harvesting of the grapes

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil are a limited production from our olive grove

Produced from cooked grape musts particular, matured and aged in small wooden barrels