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    Chianti Classico Riserva Docg - 750 ml (25.35 oz)

    The result of a great sun exposure of the Casanova vines and the ancient aromas given by the woods around them, Casanova is a stout but smooth wine, perfect to accompany a dinner.

    Casanova is a pure Sangiovese, obtained by the blend of 4 different clones of Sangiovese, including 50% of the clone Montepulciano D’Abruzzo.

  • Sorbaia Sorberosse
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    Super Tuscan Igt - 750 ml (25.35 oz)

    A perfect combination of Sangiovese and Merlot grapes, Sorbaia brings in its name the flowers that enrich its beautiful bouquet. Close your eyes and smell a glass of this wine: you will be overwhelmed by a unique combination where the fresh aromas of red flowers, cherries and red fruits are enhanced by the more complex oaky perfumes coming from the long aging in barriques.

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    Easy to fall in love - 750 ml (25.35 oz)

    A very small number of bottles (700-800) produced with the Charmat method (Champagne) from two varieties of white grapes (Chardonnay and Malvasia) grown in our farm. A wonderful aperitif wine or dessert wine, very unusual and unique, dry at the beginning, fruity in the middle, and with a dry finish.
  • Dincanto wine
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    Merlot Igt - 750 ml (25.35 oz)

    Obtained from the best selection of the Merlot grapes growing in the vines of Tenuta Casanova, for centuries protected and nourished by the ancient cypress woods of Sant’Agnese natural reserve, that enrich the grapes with unique and precious scents.

    A rich and full body “meditation wine”, with an elegant aroma ranging from dark flowers and berries to spices and chocolate, to be enjoyed in time, with calm and relax, in order to better appreciate its complexity.

  • Abate Sprugnoli
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    Chianti Classico Docg - 750 ml (25.35 oz)

    A description of this wine is offered by Abbot Gaetano Sprugnoli, back in 1855:

    “Tanto sole, galestri, e la grande cipresseta sono profumo, colore e sensazioni di questo grande vino.” “A lot of sun, clay soil, and the vast cypress wood are perfume, color and sensations of this great wine.”

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    Supertuscan (Magnum bottle) - 1500 ml (50.70 oz)

    The hight quality SuperTuscan Magnificat, produced only when the harvest guarantees the top quality grapes. This wine has been produced since 1997, always in Magnum bottles. Furthermore, for the best incredible vintages (ex. 1997, 2007), we produced a limited edition of Double Magnum or 5lt Magnum bottles. Merlot and Sangiovese – aged separately in small casks and matured in big barrels for another year – scents and tastes give the maximum expression to this extraordinary aged wine. The name Magnificat comes from a fascinating story concerning a visit of the Pope in 1850 to the Casanova farm to meet Abbot Sprugnoli… if you visit our farm, you will know the whole story. Very special: the labels of the Magnums are all in 18kt gold designed on top with a special machine. If you need, a very few number of bottles are still available from very old, special vintages.
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    Unique 12th century recipe - 500 ml (16.90 oz)

    Unusual wine produced with Malvasia and Chardonnay grapes and the addition of 5 spices (cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, maces and vanilla) and two different kinds of honey. Wine produced in the 12th century, the recipe was discovered in the Casanova 12th century farm and reproduced with the same criteria. Delicious sweet wine for desserts, delicate spicy, with a gentle honey aroma. It was created by the farmer in this area a long time ago, not as a simple dessert wine, but with the aim to preserve the wine for months and months. In fact the particular quality of the organic honeys produced in this farm stop any kind of fermentation when the bottle is open for months and months, preventing the oxidation of the wines. It's a unique wine: if you close the bottle with the same cork after it's been open, even after 8/9 months the wine is still the same.